Veganfest 2010

Hi, I’m Georgia Claire. I’m a writer, and I’m a scientist. I’ve been paid for both and currently I’m paid for nothing (although I’m looking!). I live in a sharehouse in Sydney with two jugglers and an ever moving round of friends coming through the front door. I’m a vegetarian, an atheist, a lesbian, an environmentalist, a cyclist, runner, swimmer, gardening enthusiast and sustainability amateur. I’ve written for magazines Overland, Tharunka, Blitz, and ymi. I won the 2009 UNSWeetened award for fiction for my story Moral Accounting.

I have a sister, a brother, a girlfriend, and two family dogs. I love to grow food, I care about being frugal and good to the world. I try not to be puritanical, but I do try to be good. Some of that involves helping care for animals my girlfriend fosters for the RSPCA where she works.

This blog is about the simpler pleasures in life. Often, that will mean puppies, sometimes food, sometimes plants, some good news, some travel. I’m fond of both plants and animals, so you can expect those to appear regularly. I’m also currently working on my first novel, which I intend to e publish sometime in 2013, so there may well be some updates on that.

I’m trying to build my profile online and would love to hear from you.


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