Verge gardening

My project of the last few years has been to eat as greenly and ethically as I can. A large part of that has been to grow as much of my food as I can, which was always going to be limited, given I live in Sydney. That said, I have done my best within the limits of my circumstances, and the tiny inner city backyard I had.

One of the things I did do to extend my efforts as far as possible was to create a verge garden. I had wanted to create a community garden for years, and last July I heard a talk by Costa Georgiatis while driving back from Byron Bay, and finally found the inspiration.

Since it was a public garden on public land, I hesitated to plant anything that would be expensive or take a long time to produce. I also wanted to plant obvious food plants, to encourage neighbors to pick plants, and to hopefully provoke thought and perhaps conversation about how people sourced their food.

The herbs I planted were largely succnessful. And this spring I have been pleasantly surprised – the calendula I planted last year had self seeded, and the verge is now a mass of greenery and first flowers.



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