Street Rescue: Darwin

Street Rescue: Darwin

So this little kitty, we have named Darwin. It was that or Mozart. Something about the black and white, and his little white underbelly, makes him look very much like he’s wearing a tux. Or a black jumper that wasn’t quite big enough and split down the front… it’s seriously cute.

Darwin is about five months now – we think. It’s hard to be sure, because he was found in the street when he was around two months old. We think he was probably the only kitten to survive in his litter, and also that his mother had only recently abandoned him, or been captured or killed, because he was in very good condition when he was found. He was found living in a garbage pile in an alleyway because he was crying for so long and so loudly that a local lady thought a human baby had been abandoned.

When he was brought home, he was well behaved, but very shy of people. He was curious – and I was delighted to be the first person he trusted enough to go to sleep on – but he generally preferred to observe the room from a corner, or wrestle the curtains, than get involved with people.

He’s a kitten, and is going through the bastardly kitten stage – that period when they feel the need to climb or claw everything that moves – but is far less offensive about it than, say, Jim was. Jim became the kind of bastard kitten that bit you when you scruffed him and pissed on the floor and the curtain and one time in my handbag, just to be a little douche.

Darwin will scratch on occasion, but he’s not hostile in the way Jim was – he’s a well behaved kitten, and I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a very nice cat. Some cats, it seems, are just born bad. He was born good, if that can happen, and growing up in the street seems to have emphasised for him that having a home and people and regular food is a pretty good deal, and you shouldn’t bite the people who cuddle you. You should cuddle them. As much and as often as possible.



Darwin is now looking for his forever home. He’s in Sydney, Australia, and would make a lovely cat for just about anyone, really. He gets along well with other cats – he’s adopted Marley as his mother figure, and they cuddle and play and clean each other – and tried to make friends with Lucy when she came to stay. He’d be fine with kids. And I really want him to go to someone super nice, because I adore the little guy. And I don’t usually like cats much at all, so you know he’s a doll!


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