Life Imitates Art

Life Imitates Art

I took this photo last week in Sydney’s North while working on a regeneration site. I don’t know the names of the plants in it, but I took the photo because this mushroom is the closest I’ve ever seen to the ones in picture books. You know, the kids books’ with pictures where fairies and elves and whatnot ran around being magical and living in balance with nature? And there’d always be a toadstool with a white stem, red cap, and white dots.

Well, I’ve never seen one with white dots, but this little baby is probably the closest I’ll ever come to those childhood images. It was under two centimetres tall. Maybe the white dotted ones are out there, but just too small to be noticed by most of us. In any case, it turns out some things you believed as a child may yet be true.


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