Butterfly Farm and Insect Zoo, Mae Sa

Butterfly Farm and Insect Zoo, Mae Sa

I know not everyone is as interested in butterflies as I am, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still gorgeous and exciting.

I first went to a butterfly farm in Singapore, where I was on exchange. The sensation of being surrounded by flying butterflies, many of them varieties I had never seen before, made me beam all day. I knew I’d love it, but I didn’t realise quite how happy it would make me, or how often I’d look back affectionately on the memories.

The Butterfly Farm and Insect Zoo in Mae Sa is far smaller, but still has an impressive collection of live and dead insects. Among others, they have live scorpions you can hold (pics another time). They also have a large collection of leaf cutter insects, and will show you the caterpillars that will become butterflies. Many of the caterpillars are also very pretty – pink and yellow striped, and spiked, on one occasion (eep!).

The butterfly enclosure is fairly small, but you can see the captured butterfly chrysalises and watch the butterflies emerge from their transformation. And you can see swarms of butterflies, some of whom will almost certainly land and crawl on you. For those who don’t universally find bugs creepy, this is pretty special. God knows it thrills me.


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