So cute, such a killer.

So, remember how I showed you all a photo of my sister’s dog, Poppy? Remember how cute she was? Here’s a photo as a reminder.


 Yes, I know, she’s gorgeous. She’s approximately five months old and she’s a daschund cross foxy terrier (we think). She also, it turns out, is a destroyer. During the course of the five days I babysat her, she destroyed an inordinated number of items at my parent’s house. These included tupperware, an emery board, a number of stuffed toys – evidence as follows –



She also destroyed a pair of my thongs and scratched up my leg pretty good.



My advice to you, following all of that? Not to mention the several times in which Poppy peed on the carpet, directly in front of an open door to go outside? It isn’t to resist the cuteness of all puppies, because clearly that is a lost cause. It’s to pick your battles, hide your shoes, and think very carefully about your options before agreeing to do favours for your sister.

Peace out, kids. Happy New Year.



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