Recent Progress

So. In pursuit of my goals, I’ve undertaken a few things lately.


For one, I finally enrolled in and took a sewing class. I’m not sure I learned all that much from it – and I’ll certainly never wear the bodice top I learned to make – but it gave me the confidence I needed to go out and start making things on my own. I’m currently sewing on my mother’s forty year old machine; it’s a PFAFF model (and who has ever even heard of one of those?) and has more buttons than I know what to do with, but I’ve worked out here to sew straight lines, and to overlock. In fact, I’ve made myself a new set of curtains – in bright pink. They’re uneven and the seams aren’t particularly straight, but they do the job they’re meant to do. They contribute a lot of brightness to my bedroom, which, being part of a rental property, is painted the typical shade of non-offensive creamy white. Dull. Between my pink curtains and my new bright yellow sheets, it’s looking a lot brighter these days.


Although it may be somewhat unfortunate that, with my bedroom light on at night, it could be interpreted that there’s a red light in my window. Whoops. Ah well, I could use some extra cash.


On my other plans, I’ve been working on my swimming, although not as much as I would like, really. I’ve been about three times in the last month, which is absurd when the nearest pool – quite a nice facility, too – is only a kilometre and a half away. Still, I’ve gotten back to the point of swimming 1.2 km, which is quite a ways. And I’m not dead tired at the end of it, either. I certainly am tired, so I want to work on my endurance, but the progress from a month ago, when I struggled to get to six hundred metres, is substantial. It’s nice, that it takes so little to get back to where I was before (although it does make me wonder about how quickly I could potentially lose that gain).


There’s a few reasons that I haven’t been spending that much time swimming. One is that I was at university all last week, and environmental law takes up quite a bit of time. Another is that I’ve been putting a fair bit of effort into upgrading my garden, which is looking lovely, and of which you shall receive photos as soon as I can make my phone talk to my computer. The final reason is that the lovely Cara came and stayed with me for three weeks, and she’s not really into swimming. And she is, finally, another ‘project’ of mine, and has hence been taking up a fair bit of time.


And now you naturally want to know who Cara is. Well, she’s not a lady friend of mine, though she is female. And she’s certainly demanding of both time and attention, and receives both, though she’s not conventionally pretty.


Here’s Cara.



Cara is the family dog, and never was a dog more doted upon. She’s an eight year old schnauzer cross cavalier king charles spaniel, affectionally known as a King Schnauzer, or Bitsa. Cara is perhaps the sweetest natured dog ever known to humankind; she adores all company and has never once tried to bite or bother anyone, even when undergoing the rather painful removal of a beesting from her paw. Cara is widely adored, and for good reason. However, in recent times, she’s been moderately unhappy.


And why should such an adored pup be unhappy? Well, you see, in July of 2011, my family sold the family home, also known as the only place Cara had ever lived. However, rather than move directly to the new home, which was still under construction and ultimately ran severely behind schedule, Cara went to stay with my grandparents. She had only just finally settled in to stay with them, when the new home was finally completed, and she moved into the new place with my parents. She was of course ecstatically happy to return to life with her ‘pack’, but remains confused and kind of bummed out about what happened to her old home. None of which is helped by the new house being an apartment on the eleventh floor, thus depriving her of her favourite habits of sniffing, digging, and barking at other dogs on the street. In addition, my parents work long hours, and my mother is often away.


So to sum up, Cara’s confused, homesick, lonely, and sad. What’s a girl to do, but kidnap her family pup, and have her come and stay?


(in which Cara interferes with the making of my new curtains)

Cara gets a lot of love here. My flatmates are thrilled to have her stay, and have been known to take her out for two hour walks (possibly because of the extra attention they get from girls), and have three hour naps with her. This is despite them historically not being dog people, and one of them being anti-dog due to the hell dogs of his ex-girlfriend.

In any case, it’s my aim to get Cara to a point where she feels secure and loves life again. For her happiness, and because I love to watch her going bounding down the hill in the park, running like she loves life. To that end, I keep her company, fuss over her, take her for long walks, and tease and play with her. She certainly seemed to perk up when she stayed here for a while, and I’d love for that to be the case again. Not to mention it certainly kicks my ass into gear, ensuring that she gets a walk every day.


And that’s where we’re at. With any luck, it will stop raining soon, and I can show you some before and after photos of my garden here.


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